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 Be welcome and read the rules!

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PostSubject: Be welcome and read the rules!   Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:12 am

Welcome, fellow Sherlockian!

[justify]Here's your personal 221B, Baker Street, London, where you can impersonate or discuss the unbearably brilliant consulting detective's show. Before you go and blog at your heart's content, I'll make the cameras look away to tell you its very secret rules.

Log in and username.

You will have to log in to post and access to certain contents. There's no restriction, but one rule: BE CLEVER.

Chosing a clever nickname such as "Sherlock Holmes", "John" or "JM" would be very confusing if you intend role-playing and will make it difficult and less enjoyable to play other characters than the one you'll be named after.

Moreover, that would make other people feel sad ang jealous, and we all know were that leads (crimescenes). So here are a few ideas:
-Use your usual Internet pseudo, so people that know you can find you more easily.
-Use a memorable pseudo, so people you befriend here remember you with more ease. Plus, it'd be fun to speak to "JamMan", "not-our-division-guys" or "dinosaaawrs!".
-Use numbers (maybe not chinese ones, we don't all speak chinese); that'd be a efficient manner to identify and keep track of all the "Sneaky Snipers" and "cumberbitches" in our ranks.
-You will not use gross or abusing pseudos. Even you, Anderson.

Don't forget to switch avatars, it's always nice to have one of your own; if not, browse the avatar gallery, there's a bunch of them waiting to be adopted!

General Rules

-Behave, or Mycroft will know. Sherlock is a clever show, so I expect all of us Sherlockians to behave accordingly. And no trolling anyone of anything, not even Moffat (remember that Gatiss also runs the show and that The Fall was writen by S. Thompson after all).
-If you don't write properly, you'll be hanged. We're here to enjoy discussing, not lose our sight and mind trying to figure out Internet kikoo-code.
-Andersons will be frowned upon, warned, and banned, not always in that order depending on the gravity of his IQ lowering activities.

Now, off you go, for the game, dear Sherlockian, is on!

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Be welcome and read the rules!
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