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 Rules and Advices for a nice Role-Playing time

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PostSubject: Rules and Advices for a nice Role-Playing time   Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:01 am

To start a RPG

-Look for a topic that's searching for someone.

-If you can't find any that you like, post a new topic depicting clearly:
>Characters wanted
>Settings: the series universe or AU (Altenate Universe)
>Warnings: if you might let it go +18, say it and check that your RP partners are not underaged and consenting adults.
>Introduction to the story: a good intro will attract other people!

If you'd rather improvise, type "we'll see how it goes".

Writing conventions.

To make it clearer and simple, here's a list of presets that could be useful:
-"Speech" / -Speech: between comas, or preceeded by an hyphen.
-*Toughts* / Thoughts: between little stars floating like a fairy, or in italics if you've got time to make it pretty.
-Actions: no presets.

Have a nice RP![/justify]

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Rules and Advices for a nice Role-Playing time
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